As the project progresses, the project comes to life



October 2021

All the apartments have been sold


The last apartment of the projet is officially sold! The Swissroc Properties team is pleased to announce the end of the commercialization of the project of 8 luxury flats "Les Crêts de Cologny".

Septemper 2021

Prix Bilan de l’immobilier 2021

Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer que le projet "Les Crêts de Cologny" a gagné le Prix Bilan de l’immobilier 2021, pour la catégorie "Immeuble à prépondérance de logements en PPE".

Architecte DVK Architectes
Maîtres d’ouvrage Mezel
Entreprise générale Swissroc

May 2021

L'appartement 2.02 se fait une beauté

La livraison de la promotion s'étant parfaitement déroulée, le dernier appartement disponible à la vente a bénéficié d'un grand nettoyage. 

Dorénavant ce bien de prestige est prêt à accueillir ses futurs propriétaires.

Les équipes de Swissroc Properties sont toujours disponibles pour organiser des visites sur places. 

Contactez-nous à ou par téléphone au 022 552 30 12

April 2021

Come and visit apartment 2.02

The delivery of the apartments of this superb project took place during this month of April. The various owners were thus able to take possession of their residences.

Today, take the opportunity to visit the last available new apartment of the promotion.

The lot 2.02 of 4 rooms of 153 m2 offering a splendid garden of 349 m2, will allow you to benefit from your outside spaces with the arrival of the beautiful days. 

Contact us to visit this apartment with the paces of a private house. 

March 2021

Month of delivery

This month of March marks, without any doubt, the most awaited event of this project: the delivery of the apartments! 

Swissroc Construction is busy with the finishing touches and the aesthetic details of the development. 

Discover here the light shows installed in the entrance of the building.

January 2021

Installation and finishing of the apartments

This month of January marks the installation, more and more specific, of the finishes of each apartment. 

Day by day we discover the identities and styles chosen by the owners of each lot. 

Come and visit the last available apartment to project yourself in its volumes.

December 2020

Installation of the finishing touches in the apartments

At the end of 2020, the apartments of the Les Crêts de Cologny development are getting their most beautiful finishes.

Through the choices of each owner, these apartments become more realistic than ever. 

Discover soon the delivered apartments. 

November 2020

New face for apartment 2.02

All the choices of finishes defined for the last apartment available for sale are realized.

We have the pleasure to present you his new face through these beautiful images of syntheses, made with care of details, corresponding to the descriptions of works and choices made.

October 2020

The choices of finishes made

The choice of finishes for apartment 2.02, still available for sale, have been defined.

Many added values, notably with the addition of a magnificent wood-burning fireplace in the living room, give this apartment more character.

The choices of kitchen designers, through Kook Cuisine, offer a wine cooler in the central island, in addition to major brand appliances.

Each bedroom has a private bathroom, one with a bathtub and the second with a shower.
Equipped with quality sanitary ware from the supplier Saneo, they are all fitted with elegant contemporary tiling.

The two night spaces of 17 and 18 m2 bring well-being and clarity.
They highlight noble materials, enhanced by neutral tones, thus creating a peaceful atmosphere conducive to rest.
The large fitted wardrobes and walk-in closets in both bedrooms offer multiple storage solutions, enough to accommodate the largest wardrobes.

Septemper 2020

External installations carried out

Blowing the substrate and gravel into the roof and installing solar panels define the building as a whole.

The connection and GIS works were carried out (water, electricity and Swisscom).

As for the apartments, the installation of the sheet metal cabinets of the balconies as well as the start of the false metal ceilings allow more to project. These spaces are therefore officially watertight.

The start of the heating protocol of the apartments, as well as the overlapping of the slab crossings and closing of the runners in the bathrooms offer the apartments more concretization than ever.

August 2020

The facades are taking shape

The passage to access the building in the form of a bridge is now completed.  

The construction of the exterior works of the entrance is now complete with a grand entrance for the 3m high brass door which will soon be installed.  

This also marks the start of the installation of the facade in natural stone, as well as the frames of metallised bronze curtains bringing to life Les Crêts de Cologny more than ever before. 

The installation of the interior staircase of apartment 2.03 is now complete, confirming that the apartments are taking shape and that you will see the generous surfaces and volumes proposed in the plans are now a reality.

July 2020


The building is taking shape every day, notably with the creation of the bridge to the building.
The exterior insulation is now also installed.
The installation of partitions now allows you to identify the apartments, as well as to present the spaces and volume.
The elevator, which serves all floors, was also installed during this month.
The cellars were also finished this month, whilst the walls, electricity and plumbing have been installed.

June 2020

Windows and doors setup

Project progresses rapidly. Windows of 2,5 x 2,85 meters - with a total weight of 20,5 ton - have been put in place with the aid of a robotic arm. This work of pure accuracy, was executed by the company Panormah. They worked an entire day to skilfully complete the task. Take a look behind the scenes.

May 2020

Building Site Re-opened

The construction has resumed while respecting the health requirements issued by the Secretary of State for Economic Affairs (SECO). 

The last remaining lot is available for sale:  4 rooms, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, sales area of 208m2 (153m2 Surface PPE with a garden of 349m2, cellar and 2 parking spaces).

April 2020

Site on pause - COVID-19

On March 20th 2020 the building works were officially stopped in line with government directives concerning measures of health regarding the covdi 19 quarantine.

At this stage we are waiting to hear if the quarantine will be lifted on the 19th April 2020.

Contact us to find out estimated completion date which was originally forecast for the end of this year.

Full press release.

March 2020

The project is advancing

The project Les Crêts De Cologny, is advancing and is soon coming to the end of the structural works.

This key stage in the construction signals the end of the structural work and soon the work will begin on the interiors.

February 2020

The building is coming to life!

Come and visualise the vast spaces and grand volumes of the apartments.

January 2020

The project is taking shape

The walls are getting higher and the the first floor is starting to appear.

Les Crets de Cologny is coming to life and the visits of the apartments are starting to become a representation of how it will appear when finished.

December 2019


The "Les Crêts de Cologny" project is progressing! The walls begin to rise, the slab of the basement has been cast and the construction of the ground floor is launched. A big step forward for the construction of this residence, which will be completed in winter 2020.

November 2019


While the construction site is progressing well, "Les Crêts de Cologny" is already a great commercial success. 50% of the available residences have been sold. Do not delay to choose the apartment of your dreams.

October 2019


A highly symbolic event, the laying of the foundation stone was carried out last Thursday, October 3 alongside developer Mezel and the DVK Architects office as well as in the presence of Bernard Girardet, Mayor of Cologny. A fine example of intelligent densification within the villas area, as relayed by the article published in Bilan, the reference in economy :

August 2019


In the space of two months, the site evolved rapidly. Foundations and special works were launched, an important step in the construction of the building, which allowed the foundations to be laid.

June 2019


The work begins. The teams prepare the groundbreaking for the construction of the development "Les Crêts de Cologny".

The project is supported and financed by the private bank Julius Baer.

December 2018


Located in the heart of Cologny, the real estate development "Les Crêts de Cologny" is a luxury residence composed of eight apartments. The confirmation of the authorisation marks the official launch of the project, the first images of which are revealed to the general public and potential future purchasers.